Cyclothymia – Keeping the “bi-polar bear” in it’s cage.

It is currently Friday the 12th of October 2012. Two days after “world mental health day” and over halfway through “world mental health week.” ¬†As such I thought this may be a good time to blog about mental health and specifically cyclothymia which is a new part of my life, a part I have affectionately named “the bi-polar bear.”

Cyclothymia is mental health disorder which is akin to bi-polar or manic depression disorder. It is a mental health disorder which I was diagnosed with in July 2012.

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A new year. A new blog.

So it seems like that time again…

That time when I’ve started a new year at uni, and as if directly affected by this that time when I start a new blog.

With all my other blogs I’ve made some kind of “attempt at witty” comment about how I don’t think it will last, or that it would most likely fade out. Not so with this blog! I’m setting no expectations of failure upon this attempt. In fact my goal, aim, impetus with this blog is to keep it going for as long as possible. To write whenever I can.¬†Regardless of whether I by good fortune or luck gather an audience besides myself.

And so, if you are reading this, I thank you. I hope that in whatever way possible you get as much out of this blog, and exhibit a level of enthusiasm in reading it, as I have in writing it.

Yours Faithfully,




David Cornes,

A 22 year old Theology student with stuff on his mind.

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